Rules & Regulations

For parents:-

  • Criticism of the teachers or school in the presence of students inside or outside the house and campus should be avoided, that will damage the Self Image and Self-confidence of our students and teachers.
  • Rational complaints and positive suggestions are welcome and should be brought to the Chairman or in-charge without delay.
  • The CREATIVE ACADEMY expects that parents will supervise the studies of their children and will take keen interest in their day-to-day needs like:
    • Neatness in body, cleaning of nail and hair, Taking bath twice, brushing after each foods, well ironed& cleaned uniform etc.…
    • Parents should be a role model and should train the punctuality, time table,
    • Discipline, Self-respect and respect others.
    • Parents should develop and maintain a Prayer atmosphere, Study culture, Complimentary communication inside the house.
    • It is very important to follow up the Prayer/Tharbiyath/Character charts.
  • Please visit the campus and meet the teachers or person in charge once in a month to know the progress of your wards, with prior appointment.
  • Please note that no meetings are permitted during school hours.
  • The School diary should be brought to the class daily.Please check your ward’s diary daily and countersign remarks if any, entered there in.
  • Parents,Students,Female students ,Guardians are strictly requested to show and follow the Madrasa rules and Quranic Culture like self-discipline, good manners,patience,punctuality etc. in all area.
  • Parents are requested to do all payments and dues on time.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance is insisted upon. Leave allowed only for genuine reasonsin the leave letter and diary duly signed by parent.In case of long illness, a medical fitness certificate will have to be produced.
  • Absent continuously for more than 15 days without notice will be removed and re admission, if granted will be only on payment of admission fee.